Akshay Kumar REACTS to Salman Khan’s statement on calling him the real Sultan of Bollywood!

Khiladi Kumar was asked to comment on Salman Khan’s statement on him being the real Sultan of Bollywood. Here’s what he had to say…

It has become of everyone’s notice now that even though the Khans ion Bollywood ascend the top positions, Akshay Kumar is an underdog who always takes home some really big bucks and even does films that touch his fans’ hearts. Kumar has literally been doing three to four films in a year and most of them have earned really well at the box office. While a lot of us see him as a hardworking and disciplined actor, Salman Khan does so too! If you remember, earlier at a press interaction, Mr Khan had stated how he felt Akshay was the real Sultan as not only does he do more than three films in a year but also makes sure it’s a hit.

Of course, it’s quite surprising that Salman would gush about another actor as he went on and on about how amazing Akshay was and why the Sultan tag suited him. At a press interaction held sometime ago, the Rustom actor was asked to react to this report. Akshay said, “I think it’s his greatness that he said something like this. How large-hearted guy he is. I would not say this, see I did MMA in Brothers but uski chal gayi and he is the real Sultan.” Wow. Now isn’t that quite sweet of Akshay? Clearly these two actors can’t stop gushing about each other!

We wonder how Salman would react to this piece of news. If you remember, earlier when Aamir Khan had stated how the Sultan actor was a bigger star, Khan had responded to that by saying, “I can say he never lies.” Surely, Salman is on cloud nine with all the success he’s been getting with all his ventures. Although, it is quite rare to see the actor gush about his contemporary, it was very sweet of him to call Akshay the real Sultan.

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