After Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan has the most good looking BODY, says his fitness trainer Prashant Sawant!

We can’t agree more..

Now if you follow Varun Dhawan on social media sites, you will agree with me that he is one fitness freak. And boy, he indeed works his ass off to get that sexy abs. Even for Dishoom, Varun left no stone unturned to get the physique which was required for the film. BollywoodLife exclusively got in touch with his fitness trainer Prashant Sawant to know how the actor maintains such HOT BOD. His trainer was completely in awe of the actor and his dedication towards fitness.. READ ON

What does one have to do to get a body like Varun Dhawan?

You have to be really dedicated. Varun Dhawan is the most dedicated person when it comes to fitness. I really don’t have to work hard on him. He already has a good body. Varun workouts for 45 minutes every day in the gym, no matter how much he is tired. I think working out gives him mental peace.

What’s his favourite workout regime?

He has no such favourite workout, but yes he loves to work on his abs the most.

How much preparation did he do for Dishoom?

For Dishoom, he had gone all out, obviously he had to stand beside the master of bodybuilding John Abraham. He got a lot of inspiration from him too. John is one health freak so during shooting the film, Varun really looked up to him and even Jacqueline. Both are fitness freaks.

Does he have a strict diet?

You won’t believe, he eats a lot of junk but he compensates that by working out. He loves KFC’s chicken a lot and he eats them like regularly. I really don’t have to keep a check on him, because as I told you earlier he is very dedicated. He burns down all his calories which he gains after eating junks.

Do you think Varun has the hottest body in B-town?

Yes. According to me after Salman Khan, he has the most good looking body and being his fitness trainer, I am very proud of him and his dedication towards fitness.

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