After fan backlash received over her Facebook post, Renuka Shahane says she is not ‘anti Salman Khan’!

Renukaji, please make your stand clear!

When Renuka Shahane spoke about Salman Khan’s recent acquittal in the blackbuck poaching case on her Facebook page, we had to admit her gumption here!

For she had played Salman Khan’s loving bhabhi in the superhit film Hum Aapke Hain Koun, and Salman’s co-stars generally don’t say much negative about the man, do they?

However, Salman Khan fans didn’t like a bit about what she wrote, and they began to troll her on her page. Maybe intimidated with the backlash she got (after all, not everyone is Sona Mohapatra), she changed the tune and now says she is not against Salman Khan, but she was ranting against the judicial system.

In an interview to TOI, she said “The questions in my post have been in my mind for long. It is about our judicial system. Cases itne lambe chalte hi kyon hain? Why isn’t there a time frame within which cases should end? This case could have gone on for 25 years and for so many years, everyone involved has a mental pressure.” But then Renukaji, there are many other cases that have been running for such a long time, why haven’t we heard anything about those on your FB page?

About Salman Khan, she said, “I know Salman’s fans are really hurt and I am being tagged as anti-Salman, but people are reacting without even reading the complete post or understanding what I am trying to say. I am not against Salman and neither is that post. I have always shared a very cordial relationship with him.”

This was her controversial Facebook post,

This was not the first time Renuka had targeted her ‘devar’ Salman Khan. When he had made the ‘ raped woman’ statement, she had sent out a tweet blasting him!

There is no consent in rape. There is consent in acting & actors are also paid for it. A rape victim has to pay forever! Be human please!

— renuka shahane (@renukash) June 21, 2016