Aashka Goradia and Rohit Bakshi split after 10 years

The past few were quite rocky for the couple

It in a year of marriages and new love stories, this is the first high profile TV break up. Aashka Goradia and Rohit Bakshi have separated after 10 years of courtship. The decade was not a peaceful one for them but they managed to make their relationship float through the worst of circumstances. However, it seems like it is over for now.

A source close to the couple told The Times of India, “Despite the turmoil, they stuck around and gave their relationship several chances. But with time, they realised it was best to part ways. Communication gaps and compatibility issues led to constant friction in the relationship. Both wanted different things from life. The good thing is that the split was an amicable one. They respect and care for each other and didn’t want their relationship to end on a sour note.”

In 2013, they were rumoured to have ended their affair but they said it was untrue. That year, stories surfaced that they would marry in an year’s time. In 2015, they said they were not marrying anytime soon. In 2012, stories circulated that Rohit was upset with Aashka’s reported attracted towards Sana Khan, who was also a part of the show. However, he did not say anything about it.

Earlier, Aashka was in a relationship with Rahil Azam but did not marry him as he wanted her to convert to Islam. She also dated a builder for some time as per reports. On the professional front, she will be seen as Avantika on Naagin 2.

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