5 signs that prove Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande might soon PATCH UP!

Too many positive signs coming up and we show you how. Read on…

They say there’s always a second chance. So why not in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande? Now the couple might have ended their 6 years long relationship over mutual differences but having said that, have you ever heard the ex lovers calling out each other in public? Or accusing each other of anything with reference to their past? We bet you wouldn’t find anything as such and probably you never will coz despite having split, Ankita and Sushant still hold equal respect for each other. In fact, let me give you five signs that prove Ankita and Sushant might actually consider patching up…

Twitter buddies

Not all exes prefer being friends. That too when you have ended your relationship on a really sour note. But you’ll be surprised how Sushant and Ankita still follow each other on Twitter. Yes! We just stalked the two to check if they have deleted each other from their individual lists but both are very much on each other’s follow list. Now if this doesn’t explain the kind of relationship they share then I dunno what will…


Not deleted any of their couple pictures

Break into Sushant’s Instagram account and you will notice how he’s retained all his romantic moments with Ankita. Yes! The good times he’s shared with Ankita is still afresh on Sushant’s Insta page which only proves the love he shares for his lady love. Maybe he just doesn’t wish to kill the beautiful memories but then, this could also mean Ankita still holds a very special place in Sushant’s life?

Never should miss a chance

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Ok.. As u say …It’s #perfect now

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Sneaking a kiss

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Haven’t washed their dirty linen in public

The best part about Ankita and Sushant is that they haven’t really washed their dirty linen in public. In fact, even when there were stories written about how Ankita’s alcoholic living was the reason why Sushant dumped her, the lover boy took a stand for his Ankita clarifying, “Neither she was an alcoholic nor I am a womaniser . People do Grow apart & its unfortunate . Period!!”

Break ke baad

If you’ve noticed, both Ankita and Sushant are behaving as if they have just taken some time off each other and not exactly broken up. Coz even when Ankita was asked about the split, she said, “Do I look depressed? Not at all, in fact I am happy. Though, this is not right place to talk about my relationship status; but yes, we (Sushant and I) will definitely speak about it at the right time.”

Not found love again

And last but not the least is the fact how neither Ankita nor Sushant have moved on with someone, despite rumours suggesting Sushant is dating Kriti and Ankita is apparently ready to mingle with Karan Mehra or say Kushal Tandon. But you see, both have denied the reports stating they are NOT dating anyone right now.

So how about getting back together guys? You guys too can drop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll be back with more updates right here.

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