5 reasons why Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal’s Pyaar Manga Hai song is utterly DISGUSTING!

The latest single is an insult to legend Kishore Kumar…

Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal united on-screen for the first time in T-Series’ modern version of Kishore Kumar’s hit track Pyaar Manga Hai and we were mighty disappointed! The song has  managed to grab quite a few eyeballs, but it’s not for the soulful track or its rendition they have created. It’s the video which is high on sexual adult content and plays to voyeuristic taste of a select audience. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the intention of this music video is not re-visit a classic and pay an ode to it, rather the idea is to use a hit melodious track and cater to a mass audience on the internet that relishes ‘sex’plicit content.

Since the time T-Series made announcement on their Twitter account, about them revisiting the song with the vocals of Armaan Malik and Neeti Mohan ft. Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal. We anticipated another chartbuster from them and a respectful rendition of an old classic, like Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Dheere Dheere ft. Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, which was soulful as well as trendy. But boy, how wrong were we! The song is nothing but a sleaze fest in the name of a classic. Its disgusting from the word go.

Here are five reasons why this song is nothing but a sleaze fest:

#The video doesn’t do justice to the melody of song and overshadows the melodious voice of Armaan Malik and Neeti Mohan. It felt like they re-created/ruined a classic and all they wanted to do was, attract eyeballs with all the erotica in the video.

#They couldn’t even use the picturesque locales of Georgia. What’s the need of shooting at such a beautiful location, when almost all your shots are that of a room.

#What’s with those idiotic expressions by Ali Fazal, throughout the song. He seemed like an asthma patient.

#Zareen Khan’s fake orgasmic expressions made us wonder if she suffers from Hate Story hangover!

#What’s with the over-acting by all the supporting cast in the video and the cliched Indian couple reference. They even ruined the sensuousness attached to Kamasutra.

After this cringe worthy song, we just hope they ruin another classic in the name of modern expression.

Watch the video song here: