5 reason why we find Dhanush to be PERFECTLY unconventional and we love him for that!

If smiles could kill, we would be long dead by now! Now that’s holds true for Dhanush especially!

It’s one of the most unconventional actors’ birthday today–Dhanush! He might be superstar Rajinikanth’s son-in-law but this credible actor has carved a niche for himself in all these years. He’s not just an actor but a producer, lyricist and a singer! But what is it about the actor that truly makes him stand out? We think it’s these 5 reasons! Cheggit out!

An unusual debut
It was like a family venture where the movie was directed by his father, script written by his brother and Dhanush was the actor! For a debut, the story was distinctive that talked about 6 classmates who run away to start life on their own. His unusual choice of films extended to even his second film where he played a mentally affected youth. The Thodaari actor has clearly has taken the less trodden path even when he was just entering the industry.

Unconventional looks
He’s not your typical poster boy, but his endearing smile and personality on screen can charm you all the same! It’s this subtle charm that has won him a huge female following. Dhanush Da!

Can hum a tune or two
If you don’t know his internet breaking song Kolaveri Di, you really don’t know this actor! It garnered a 100 million views on YouTube and connected with people from all ages and around the world! Its catchy tune and quirky lyrics in Dhanush’s unconventional voice made it an epic one. In fact, recently when Dhanush was travelling in a cab in Paris, the song was playing on the stereo! So, you can image the far reaching effects this fun number has had! And now he’s all set to sing a Telugu song for Thikka. He has even sung a Kannada song.

Bollywood hero as well as a Kollywood hero
This actor had proved his mettle down South quite for some time, but he’s also well-known in Bollywood because of Shamitabh and Raanjhanaa. In a film industry obsessed with greek god looks, Dhanush proved to us that credible performances (like the one in Raanjhanaa) are enough to make a film work!

Youngest star to win a National Award
It was in 2011, when Aadukalam directed by Vetrimaran released where Dhanush took on the role of a local cockfighter. It was for this move that he won his first National Award, making him the youngest star to win the honour. Apart from that, the movie received 5 other awards at the 58th National Film Award