5 Times Female Celebrities Refused To Compromise!

Lauren Gottlieb & Ileana D'Cruz

Lauren Gottlieb & Ileana D’Cruz

Women today believe that #AbSamjhautaNahin and will not compromise on what’s important. In the past, there have been several times when women have had to settle for less in their respective industries simply because of their gender.  With the changing times, they now stand their ground when it comes to important issues and that’s what we appreciate about them. Here are 5 times female celebrities had had enough and took things into their own hands.

1) Ileana D’Cruz Came Out In Lauren Gottlieb’s Defense

That time when a troll on Instagram made disgusting comments about Lauren being a foreigner in the industry and Ileana came out in her defence. We even discussed it with them when they came to our office for a live chat!

2) Kangana Ranaut Spoke About The Pay Gap

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana openly spoke about the pay gap between the male and female celebrities in Bollywood who have equal star power. A female superstar is not paid the same amount as her male counterpart – which clearly needs to be a topic of discussion.

3) Sunny Leone On Being Asked About Her Past

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Sunny was asked during an interview if she regretted her past. When she answered the question, the interviewer constantly brought back her association with porn and how it makes her feel. Sunny was clearly the badass she usually is and handled that interview with much-needed elegance.

4) Priyanka Chopra Showed Off Her Armpits

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka’s armpit came under scrutiny when a magazine had allegedly photoshopped it. She received endless opinions about her underarms and why she would let someone photoshop her that way. And her comeback was awesome – more armpits! She shared an image a few days later flaunting her armpits because, we all have those.

5) Sania Mirza Responded To Motherhood & Retirement

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

Sania recently came out with her own book. She was giving an interview about it and her recent win in a tournament when she was asked when she’ll be “settling down” and “retiring” to make time for motherhood. No sooner did the journalist ask her the question than he realised that he had made a mistake.

We are so proud of these women because they believe #AbSamjhautaNahin.

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