Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” superstar, Kim Kardashian, is known to us for various reasons. Be it her leaked sex tapes, her stepdad (stepmom?) Caitlyn Jenner, or her Instagram photos, Kim knows how to remain in the limelight. She definitely has become a real prominent social media personality, and her personal life is totally open to media and public to speculate widely about.

So this reality TV star makes around $50 million a year, with a total net wroth of $88 million as of the year 2016. But, do you really think that Kim earns all this money through just reality TV and by posting her pictures on Instagram? Well, no! She is actually a highly successful entrepreneur, with business skill so fine that even seasoned businessmen would love to take a few lessons from her as well.

Kim Kardashian – The Tech Entrepreneur

The Forbes Magazine has termed Kim as the “tech entrepreneur.” She makes most of her revenues through different mobile ventures. Her popular game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has generated $71.8 million alone in the year 2015. It is also estimated that Kim earns at least 40% of her money from this mobile game alone. This game requires the player to make some sensible decisions related to fashion, publicity as well as relationships. The game topped all the charts in Google as well as the Apple store. The players felt that they were “extremely addicted to the game.”

kim kardashian net worth

Apart from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kim earns a lot of revenue through a series of emojis based on her as well as her personal app. These two are available for $1.99 and $2.99 respectively. Not to forget her constant presence on social media sites like Instagram, where her followers specially wait for her to post yet another controversial and sometimes not so controversial pictures of hers.

So, even if she is the biggest Hollywood reality star, Kim Kardashian earns most of her money through her various mobile ventures alone.

Kim Kardashian – An Empire in Herself

Kim Kardashian is definitely not just a name anymore. It is, in fact, a name renowned in the whole world. This is why Kim has successfully started some awesome businesses by using her name as a high end brand. She has even published two successful books, Selfish” and “Kardashian Konfidential,” with Selfish being a selfie book. Selfish has generated so many positive responses even from experts themselves that Riccardo Tisci, the designer behind the famous brand Givenchy, has termd Kim as “a true American icon.”

Kim Kardashians Net Worth

She has her own clothing line available on high end stores like Dash and Sears. Dash, by the way, is owned by the Kardashians themselves. She has also launched a clothing line for kids, the Kardashian Kids. The Kardashian Beauty and Bunny Swimwear is also running successfully and is contributing a lot in making her one of the richest people not just in the US but in the whole world. Recently she went for her Hollywood movie promotion in event there somebody asked funny question to Kim, if you’re out reach home which best portable power banks did you use to charge up your cell phone 😛 too much funny question in front of her, she smiled and ignore that question.

The Big Ventures Under Kim Kardashian’s Belt

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian has also helped in making other businesses successful. She is renowned for promoting Hype, an energy drink brand, so much so that she even went overseas to promote it even when she was expecting a baby.

Kim also teamed up with her mother Kris Jenner in 2010 for the promotion of Skechers’s Shape Ups, the fitness shoes which became all the rage at that time. Kim again was the face of Shape Ups in 2014 for their Super Bowl commercial.

But not all her ventures turned out to be good and exciting. Kim was sued by some consumers in 2012 for misrepresenting the QuickTrim weight loss products.

The Kardashian Glow products have become immensely popular among those looking for a tan. Even the company’s official website uses a custom message by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian which has definitely boosted the sales of their product. You can check here which Cell phones accessories Kim Uses currently for her digital life style.

kim net worth

However, the most outrageous business venture ever launched by Kim and the other Kardashians is the Kardashian card issued by Mater Card. This card was dropped in 2010 after a court termed the fees as totally unreasonable.

Kim Kardashian is unstoppable. She has also come out with her own perfume called Kim Kardashian: A Voluptuous New Fragrance. She then launched another fragrance named “Glam.”

kardashian's net worth

Apart from launching her own perfume, Kim has also endorsed Midori Melon Liqueur for three years, between 2011 to 2013.

O.P.I. also came up with a Kim Kardashian inspired color line with a tag line saying “Wel-Kim to My World.”

Kim Kardashian has also launched her jewelry line by the name of “Belle Noel.” The jewelry contains some timeless and intricately designed pieces. Kim has also helped Shoe Dazzle in promoting their shoes line successfully.

Kim Kardashian Wears $11 million Worth of Jewelry in Paris

Last year, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point in Paris. She was wearing an estimated $11 million of jewelry at that time which most of us do not even make within two years. While many of those who heard this piece of news had their mouths opened in astonishments, yet by looking at the plethora of brands which she has been endorsing and the successful mobile apps and games which Kim has been launching, wearing $11 million worth of jewelry does not sound like to be a big deal at all.

kim kardashian net worth

However, this is not it. Kim Kardashian is also married to one of the biggest and the richest singers of our times as well. Kanye West himself is worth a lot, maybe even more than his wife. So, this couple is definitely one of the most powerful and riches couples around.

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